Album of the Year (i.94) and Album of the Week (2BOB FM)

"I swear you feel rather than hear. I don’t think anyone’s really achieved this before."
Robert Brokenmouth


"A fantastic, majestic and a total marvel of a record." 

Sonic Wave Magazine (Spain)


"Real Slow", is a real stand-out, a gem. If there is a better song released this year then perhaps all the fucking madness is worth it." 
Robert Arthurton (UK)

RRR FM put the album in their Top Ten (Soundscapes)

Album of the Week on Syn Fm and at Inpress Magazine

4 stars - The Age (EG)

Contains "Single of the Week" Blue (Inpress Magazine), and David Bowie's, The Prettiest Star.

RRR FM put it in their Top 10 the week of it's release

“The sonic equivalent of endless longing” 
Editor (U.S.A.)

“You’d be easily convinced he was actually some hidden treasure from London’s rich musical backdrop.” 
4.5 Stars Time Out Magazine

“One of the finest songwriters to emerge from Melbourne”
Tony McMahon The